Thursday, September 23, 2010

Writing A Poem

Copied from
Leonid Meteor Shower over Niagara in 1833

Words assemblage
Inside the curse and the blessing
A writer’s myriad of emotions fall
Showered like Leonid Niagara.

Wounds temporarily open
Draft not too succinctly
Revision is certain
Desired sentiment more than image
Worked and reworked.

Agony to ecstasy
Not always achieved
Relief not always felt
Pain hovering over its creator
A black cloud
A most impetuous storm threatens
Edged to a precipice.

Choosing to leaving the area
Protected only by new thought
Elapsed time is anyone’s guess.

Suddenly a candle flickers positive directional light
Immediacy must not be halted or delayed
Extinguishment its devastation
Flicker providing promise.

Banging characters
Deleting Expletives
Aggrandizing locutions
Finally words flow.

Nearing its completion
Leonid’s Niagara transforms
Stars and water now resemble
Gold pieces for the pocket
Completed and appreciated
By even one is its prize.


Jingle said...

your image is very powerful and breath taking...

lovely writing!

Jingle said...

Agony to ecstasy
Not always achieved
Relief not always felt
Pain hovering over its creator
A black cloud
A most impetuous storm threatens
Edged to a precipice.

well put!
Thanks for the brilliance in poetry writing and sharing!

wiserskydiver said...

you have expressed the pain and strengths of ones who write poetry in a poetry great is that....
cool... cheers!!!

Victoria said...

We've all experienced the agony and ecstasy you describe. The image/metaphor is so appropriate.

arspoetica said...

you describe the craft of writing so eloquently here, and the ending is just perfect. Isn't that what we all want, the feeling that our art has moved just one person in some way?

sillyfrogsusan said...

Absolutely could relate to this...well done!
"Immediacy must not be halted or delayed"
Gosh,isn't always the best ideas come while you are unable to indulge them!

frayedges said...

Oh I can also relate. When inspiration comes, I have to answer, at that exact moment, and when it doesn't- what torture.

umamaheswari anandane said...

Beautifully Written

Lu Ann said...

Wow, you so well described the art of being a writer, no matter how much people like what you write or not it is always such a deal with yourself just to let it out.
Very brilliant!

morganna said...

Very nice poem.

JamieDedes said...

Beautifully done poem. Thank you.

I find that in the end, it all flows ... just like Niagara ...


Poem on ...
Happy Rally days.

kieraville said...

"A writer’s myriad of emotions fall"

Loved this part; I can definitely relate.

Great work! :) x

kyogakura said...

and i was seeing the words unfold to scenes.


Someone Is Special said...

breath taking image and poem..
Thanks for the sweet comment on my rhyming waters..

--Someone Is Special--

woih said...

Amazing writing! Really captures it for me...

Harshika said...

oh yes!!! writing a poem is hard. the emotions , the feelings it brings out makes it more harder.

lovely poem :)

Chris G. said...

Great use of imagery, flooding forth from eloquent description. The inspiration, such a thing...I think we all can empathize with the glory and the pain of it all.

And the picture just makes this piece it all the better.

Leo said...

awesome imagery here! :) u said it well! the picture is good too!

Rally Week 29, My Poem

senderupwords said...

Nice write here. Powerful and poignant. Love and Light, Sender

Uncle Tree said...

Hey there, Kristin! Great job with this one. Having been rooted under the stars of Aquarius, I can completely understand the wave you've wonderfully created here.

Peace to you and your twinkling middle way :) UT

Deborah said...

Beautifully written - the struggle of creation :)


Purvi said...

U have lived like us and made each reader live what a writer does and undergo.. U do it for us.. U do it well..!
U say it for us all.. )

I am: