Monday, September 20, 2010

Unfazed Phase Fazed

She wasn’t fazed by this phase
It was circular and came back around
Legwarmers, hair bands, neon clothes
Grass, bell bottoms, Dittos
Peace symbols, Pill Box Hats, Platforms
Beat Nicks, skinny ties
It all comes back

She wasn’t fazed by this phase
It was reminiscent of her plaintive fifteen year old self
The world is unfair, I hate you and I am not eating that
Tears, more tears and even more tears
Telephone, more telephone and even more telephone
Boys, more boys and even more boys
It all comes back

She wasn’t fazed by this phase
The stories had all been revised
Stories of old, they really were nothing new
They belonged in the category of retold
What did any of it mean?
The pain never easing
Forcing a numbing, a soul freezing

She was subtly fazed by this phase
It was the same search of self
Until the search got old
Others started to matter more
The grays were fought less vehemently
Sagacious lines grace her face.
People long forgotten were suddenly remembered
It seemed more necessary to find them
To tell them what they once meant to her
Only at the time she was just too busy with herself.

She was deeply fazed by this phase
Tears weld as almost thirty years had past
People were aging
Lives enervated by disease
Persuasions defunct and abrasive
Debts needed to be settled
Forgiveness necessary
Without, no assuage of relief
Tender mercies must be shown
Love needed to be remembered and restored
She hoped this phase was would continue unfazed


Jingle said...

beautiful piece.

Jingle said...

love the image,
what a heartfelt twists and turns...
lovely done!

Myrna R. said...

Lovely. I can relate to it so well, as I approach the phase where...we are aging.

Vicki Lane said...

Nice word play!

abthomas said...

Cool poetic peace - I like the sort of layered presentation, as if you are walking down a museum's timeline and you think to yourself "wait a minute - this isn't ancient history, they're talking about my life".

On a side note - thanks for the punny reads on the side!

Amanda said...

Love needed to be remembered and the sentiment behind this poem, so well penned. Thanks for linking with Potluck!!

Jinksy said...

"Love needed to be remembered and restored"

Love is the strongest invisible force in the universe...and that's always worth remembering. :)