Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Scepter's Wave

Everything in my heart was placed before you
Once accepted by you no more
What fails me, too hard for you?
Never mind how it affects me.
I really had no way of knowing
I trusted the vows you made me
I kept the ones I made you.
I trusted what you knew of me and
What you knew would become of me.
How fickle you became
When your feelings changed,
Your vows meant nothing.
You play at being Queen Regnant
And I your Jester.
No longer your partner or
Equal in your eyes, no queen consort
I played for your company for decades
Ruling no longer together
What would become of us?
Do we die at the guillotine?
For that would be preferable to
You removing me from your orb
Like Jupiter’s wife Juno you waved your scepter
And I dismissed wishing to be
Beheaded instead of be-hearted.

Image borrowed from Google Images


Amanda said...

Amazingly well written for the theme at Potluck...I loved this poem very much!! Thanks for linking, your support means so much xx

Jingle said...

another award winning piece.
masterfully done!

Lovely Annie said...

I dig the metaphor! It works brilliantly with the theme and your bring forth emotion with stellar skills!

Awesome Potluck Poem!
Thanks for sharing!


J. L. Mulvihill said...

This poem is so well written I should not be surprised that you wrote it. The metaphor and feel of this piece brings me to tears.

Uncle Tree said...

What a cool idea, Kristin. And,
your ending took me to the
outer limits of space.
You spilled, and I
soaked it up.
Good job!

Systematic Weasel said...

Wonderfully written! Thanks for sharing! =)


Uncle Tree said...

Sorry, Kristen. That's twice now I've spelled your name wrong, and that's not like me. A mental block, perhaps? Oh, who knows. Anywayz...UT won't let it happen again.

Have a great weekend! Cheerz, Keith
(this comment can stay behind the scenes, if you wish ;)

Shashi said...

a simple wish and emotional plea and I liked reading it. Some times one gets into a situation like this where one's heartfelt emotions are not taken as it is but just a passing thought.. and that hurts as it is in this verse... Liked it..

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