Saturday, September 18, 2010

Calling All Bloggers & Readers of Blogs

I am looking for friends who will take a moment and stop by my blog. If you like or don't like what you are reading, I would sure appreciate knowing. Please don't hesitate to take a minute and leave a word or 20 in comments. If you think my writing worthy, I would also appreciate your click on my follow button. I don't want to beg but in the words of Roger Rabbit, "PLEEEEASSSSSE Eddie!"


Ann said...

Already following. But thought I would leave a comment. How can I resist Roger Rabbit!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I already follow too; you have a very colourful blog here. There are thousands of blogs of all different genre these days but I only follow the ones I enjoy.

CJ xx

Jingle said...

love to follow.

Jingle said...

Dear poetic friend: how are you?

our poetry potluck is open, if you have poems (old or new) to share, link in NOW,
you can link up to 3 poems, the more you share, the happier we are.
Thanks for the participation! Tuesday 8pn is the deadline to link up, please hurry up!
Happy Monday Poetry Potluck!
Happy Tuesday!

JeffScape said...

You should unblock your email. A lot of bloggers don't really look at their actual comment sections, but will take time to respond to comments via email. Hint, hint. ;)

Jingle said...

hello, friend:

I invite you to Attend Thursday Poets Rally Week 29, follow this link, read the instructions,
have fun reading others while sharing your own poetry.

let me know if you decide to be part of our loving community.
Happy Wednesday!

another way to have friends visiting you....