Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Foreign Films

I probably watch at least two to three foreign films per week. This is possible for a number of reasons.
  •  I am a bit of an insominac. Generally, I watch these films late at night while my husband sleeps. I keep the volume very low as not to disturb and the subtitles really make it much easier to do that.  

  • Last January I purchased a Blueray player that has the ability to stream Netflix. Obtaining Foreign Films is a snap.

  • I love Foreign Films. It gives me the ability to do a little arm chair traveling for under ten dollars a month. Netflix has a fairly large library and adds new titles all the time.

  • There are a lot of great foreign actors. Clive Owen just happens to be one that made the crossover. My favorite Clive Owen film, easy "Croupier." Damn! All I can say is "SEXY!"
I enjoy reading a lot of other Blogs and I noticed that there are a lot of  bloggers who are fans of foreign films.

Mindful of this I posted a list of all my favorite five star foreign or Indie films. All of these films, as far as I know, can be streamed via Netflix. That is how I viewed them. Now Netflix will sometimes stop streaming something for one reason of another but you can always get the film on DVD.



It may seem like I hand out a lot of five stars but really I only give out the five star if something is particularly special for me. I have watched hundreds of films if not thousands. I know that taste is a well, a matter of taste but check out my list to the right.

If you have viewed something and thought it was great or not, I would love to hear your comments. If you have recently viewed something special and want to share it I would love to hear about it. Oh and one last thing don't forget the popcorn!






willow said...

I'm a huge fan of foreign films. Right now I'm on a Agnes Varda binge.

Kristen Haskell said...

I am not familiar with Agnes Varda. I will check it out!

ocdbloggergirl said...

my favorite foreign films are Antonia's Line & Like Water for Chocolate. I watch tons of foreign films. You really should see A Town Called Panic, it's an animated French film and hilarious. I stream my netflix on my netbook.
You should see Ikiru too. I would call that a 5 star movie.
Intimate Strangers was a pretty good film too.

Kristen Haskell said...

Thanks ocdbloggergirl I will check all of those out. The only one I have seen is Like Water for Chocolate which of course I loved!