Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tools and Supplies for Dancing Earrings

    Tools Required:

    1. Wig Jig with 5 small pegs
    2. Metal Ruler
    3. Bent Nose Pliers
    4. Round Nose Pliers
    5. Wire Cutters
    6. Flat Nose Pliers

    Supplies needed:

    1. Two lengths 9 inches long of 20 gauge round sterling silver wire.
    2. One pair of ear wires

    Experience Required:

    This is a beginner wire wrap. If you can make earrings you can do this. It is pretty basic. If you do not have a Wig Jig. Try making your own.

    HINT: Make your own jig with a small piece of scrap lumber and five small preferably headless nails. Hammer the nails in a diamond shape with the extra nail just above one corner. Use a piece of paper folded into a perfect square 2"x2"x2"x2" paste that square on your lumber. Use the corners of your paper as your guide for where to hammer your nails.

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