Monday, April 13, 2009

Flapper Pearls

This is a 42" strand of high quality 9 mm fresh water pearls. The luster on this strand is gorgeous. They are a show stopper. The clasp is sterling silver with an amethyst cabochon. The bracelet is approximately 8" and the earrings are drop style at about an inch. It took me three hours to knot these pearls on silk.

I was in a local bead store at closing one evening and the store manager wanted to show me her lasted purchase. She had purchased several stands of fresh water pearls. I noticed that she was wearing what I call a flapper stand of real pearls. She had on a nice blouse and a pair of slacks and I thought, "wow that really looks good." I always felt that there was too much formality with pearls but after seeing her outfit I decided that pearls could be worn with less formal attire.

Funny, I made this strand for myself thinking I would wear them a lot but I have only worn them a couple of times. The last time was at my brother's wedding. I guess I can't shake that feeling that pearls are formal and should be worn accordingly. However, having that strand for the wedding occasion delighted me to no end. I knew immediately that no matter what I would be wearing those pearls even when I had no idea what else I was going to wear to that event. It feels so good to have one less decision to make about my outfit but what felt even better was that I made that necklace myself.

Instructions for knotting pearls is located in the archive section of my blog for a February 29, 2009 post. I recommend that if you enjoy beading and have never tried to knot your own pearls give it a try. You never know when having a strand of gorgeous pearls will be one less decision you have to worry about. Enjoy!

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Marty Preuss said...

Kristen - You did a great job with both the beads and the photo.

Nice Work.