Monday, March 30, 2009

Shamrock Jewelry

I started experimenting with a jig lately. I came up with a few jewelry idea inspired by Wig Jigs the makers of my Delphi Jig.

If you have never worked with a jig, I recommend you start with copper wire. It is a lot less expensive to work with and it won't hurt your pocket book as much if you make a mistake.

My local bead store sells a 20 gauge copper wire for approximately $2.00 for twelve feet. They sell 20 gauge round gold filled wire for about $3.00 per foot and sterling silver in the same gauge for about $1.70 per foot.

The wrap I completed here is called the Shamrock wrap. I got the pattern directly from Wig Jig's website. Their patterns and directions are located under Wig-Jig University.

A good jig is not inexpensive. However, I found that it more than pay for itself because aside from the jewelry possibilities you can easily make some of the findings.

It is a snap to make earwires using a gig. The best part is earwires end up costing pennies a pair verses a buck or two. My Delphi jig came in a kit when I bought it several years ago. Most kits will run about $50.00 or more but the creative possibilities are just about endless.

I have posted four examples using the same shamrock wrap. I encourage all beaders including the beginning beader to consider investing in a jig. I think it is a tool that will be well used and enjoyed for years to come.

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