Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have been a litte remiss

I have been a little remiss at a lot of things lately. I have not posted a jewelry blog in quite a while. I owe at least a dozen overdue birthday cards to family and friends. I have not put about 30 new pieces of jewelry on my website. I have not finished counting my beads for our inventory. My workspace and desk are a mess. I have thank you cards that need to go out that are still sitting here. I missed a number of great sales for my fall clothes and shoes and now I have to pay more the same things I could have purchased a lot cheaper. I received a fantastic box of beads from my Aunt in Florida and I have yet to really examine them or send her a long overdue thank you and letter.

I just can't seem to get it together. However, today is a new day. I will get a few of these things completed and then I won't feel like a scatter brain. Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some postings are just so much easier to write than others. I am wrecked right now and sucked into this vortex of guilt and anger. I hope it eases soon because it is really starting to piss me off a little. I feel stuck and I am tired of stuck.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cruse Dog Park

I am making some beaded and corded bookmarks for $6.00 each. $1.00 from every sale will be donated to Cruse Dog Park. Cruse Dog Park in Springfield, Missouri is fully funded by private donations. It is Springfield's only off-leash 6 acre dog park. Right now there are 800+ members and it is a great place to make new friends. It is impossible to leave the dog park without a smile because it is such a joyful place. Email for details or if you would like to purchase a bookmark.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Hidden Joy of Counting Beads

Inventory is one of those jobs that no one enjoys. However, something great can happen when you relax and dive into it. You get to see beads that you forgot that you had and all of a sudden you get inspired to make something new.

I organize my beads by color because that is the easiest way for me to design something new. Sometimes lost in one of my 45 boxes of beads is a few of something left over that might just be enough to go with something else from an entirely different box. I have a few favorites that I work with a lot but occasionally I run across something left over from another project that was long forgotten.

If for no other reason then discovering what is hiding in the depths of all your beads, inventory will certainly uncover some long lost treasures. And if you are like me and have to do it for accounting purposes well then don't loss heart because you never know what you will see next.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fancy Porcelain Earrings - SOLD

Porcelain painted discs (17mm x 8mm) paired with faceted black onyx (6mm)and dressed in sterling silver. The tan, red, white and black swirls are fanciful and amusing. This lovely pair hangs just at 2 inches. The price is $10.00. Please email for purchasing particulars.

Botswana Agate Earrings - SOLD

Botswana Agate (12 mm) in deep plum hues coupled with an opaque purple stone and an Austrian crystal it is dressed in sterling silver and hangs about two inches. I like to think of this as a lovely lavendar pair for $10.00. Email for purchasing particulars.

Eagle's Eye and Fresh Water Pearls

Eagle's Eye (16mm large) what a fascinating stone. The veins of color run through with so much shine. I see blues, greys, reds and golds yet it is so neutral it could be worn with almost anything. The copper topper and fresh water pearl dyed in bronze dress it up beautifully. The ear wire is sterling silver for comfort and this pair is priced at $10.00 a value not to be missed by the discriminating buyer. Email for purchase details.

Eagles Eye and Smoky Quartz

The large stone (16mm) is called Eagle's Eye. It has the shine and brilliance of Tiger or Cat's Eye but the coloring is really interesting. Veins of gold, rust and blackish blue run through this multi-grey stone. It is fascinating to look at. The smaller (8mm) faceted stone above is a smoky quartz. Everything is dressed in sterling silver and the whole earring hangs just slightly below 2" on the ear. I love this pair and it will be hard to part with. It is neutral and can be worn with just about anything. They are fairly light on the ear lobe that I find them extremely comfortable. This pair is a steal at $10.00 and sure to please.

Labradorite Leaf Earrings - SOLD

The leaf is pewter but everything else metal is sterling silver. The beads are labradorite. The pin that the labradorite is hanging on I hammered into swirls for a fun effect. They hang just under three inches. If you are not familiar with labradorite read my article posted 7/29/08. It is hands down one of my favorite stones because of its naturally occurring chatoyance. Those that are familiar start out with one piece and end up with many. This pair is $15.00 and a tremendous bargain because these earrings took a lot work and the silver combined with the pewter leaf make them substantial to say the very least. Email for details on purchasing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ten Pairs for Ten Dollars each - Earring Bonanza

Botswana Agate with austrian crystals and sterling silver. $10.00

Botswana Agate with bronze fresh water pearls and sterling silver. $10.00


What a deal 8mm clear Swarovski crystals paired with faceted black onyx and black diamond Swarovski crystals on sterling silver. A lot of earring for $10.00

Cloisonne silver plated tipped fish with gold, plum and white movable body coupled with sterling silver and austrian crystals. $10.00

Black onyx figure eight with Swarovski crystals dark Siam on sterling silver. $10.00

Looks like watermelon candy but it is austrian crystal on sterling silver. $10.00

Eagle eye with sterling silver over copper caps with black onyx, austrian crystals and sterling silver hammered wire. $10.00

Sterling silver hammered hoops with large faceted blood red rondelle. $10.00

Unakite carved in the shape of a tulip paired with sterling silver over copper cap, sterling silver beads and ear wires with Swarovski crystals. $10.00

Earring Bonanza

This Leopard Skin Jasper is a grade A stone with a high polish. It is coupled with Sterling Silver and Austrian Crystals. $10.00

Monday, April 13, 2009

Flapper Pearls

This is a 42" strand of high quality 9 mm fresh water pearls. The luster on this strand is gorgeous. They are a show stopper. The clasp is sterling silver with an amethyst cabochon. The bracelet is approximately 8" and the earrings are drop style at about an inch. It took me three hours to knot these pearls on silk.

I was in a local bead store at closing one evening and the store manager wanted to show me her lasted purchase. She had purchased several stands of fresh water pearls. I noticed that she was wearing what I call a flapper stand of real pearls. She had on a nice blouse and a pair of slacks and I thought, "wow that really looks good." I always felt that there was too much formality with pearls but after seeing her outfit I decided that pearls could be worn with less formal attire.

Funny, I made this strand for myself thinking I would wear them a lot but I have only worn them a couple of times. The last time was at my brother's wedding. I guess I can't shake that feeling that pearls are formal and should be worn accordingly. However, having that strand for the wedding occasion delighted me to no end. I knew immediately that no matter what I would be wearing those pearls even when I had no idea what else I was going to wear to that event. It feels so good to have one less decision to make about my outfit but what felt even better was that I made that necklace myself.

Instructions for knotting pearls is located in the archive section of my blog for a February 29, 2009 post. I recommend that if you enjoy beading and have never tried to knot your own pearls give it a try. You never know when having a strand of gorgeous pearls will be one less decision you have to worry about. Enjoy!

More Hula Hoops

I call this pair Dipity Doos because they seem like that to me. They are a fun pair of turmilated quartz with black onyx wire wrapped in sterling silver with sterling silver ear wires. They are $15.00

I call this pair Moonstone Mommas because I was told by a new friend that moonstone protects mother and child. I think the moonstone is lovely with turquoise wire wrapped in sterling silver with sterling silver ear wires. They are $15.00

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fantasy Pieces

Bronze fresh water pearls with bronze tinted Austrian crystals wrapped in sterling silver with sterling silver ear wires. The price is $15.00

Bronze fresh water pearls with bronze tinted Austrian crystals with sterling silver lobster claw clasp bracelet measuring 7.25." The price is $25.00

or $30.00 for the pair.

Copper fresh water pearls with copper tinted Austrian crystals with copper plated lobster claw clasp bracelet measuring 7.25". The price is $20.00

Copper fresh water pearls with copper tinted Austrian crystals with wrapped in copper but with sterling silver earwires for comfort. The price is $10.00

or $25.00 for the set.

If you are interested in more information or purchasing please contact for arrangements.