Friday, December 12, 2008

The Holidays

This time of year always makes me think about the people that I have lost touch with. Friends that have slip out of my life and before I realized it I had no idea how to contact them. I am not a phone talker. In fact I hate to talk on the phone. I guess I just took it for granted that they would always be there. One such friend just found me the other day on Face book and it was thrilling. I missed her a lot and we had not talked since I moved to Springfield. Honestly I thought I would never find her again. I have one high school friend that I would like to find and maybe through face book we will find each other. What a great thing to find someone on face book.

Yesterday, I was on face book and my godchild Kristina started up a chat with me. Now neither Kristina or I talk a lot on the phone. For some reason we stall during live conversations but the instant message feature we talked more that way then we ever have live. It was great and the best part about it is that my neck did not ache and I did not have a headache after we finished.

I joined face book because Rayna wanted to share with me photos and things happening in her life. It is an honor for me to be invited into this part of her life. She is someone that I think about every day and have for the past twenty three years. Before she was born I talked to her every day. I knew that she would be a girl and I even knew that she existed before the doctors did. I had three pregnancy tests and the first two came back negative. The third one a sonogram showed her no bigger than a peanut but with a heart beat and I told every one "I told you so." She had a strong heart and I felt deeply connected to her and devoted to giving her the best life possible. I am able to see now that I did that and face book has been the tool that could give me the glimpse into her life just to be sure that it did indeed turn out well. I couldn't be happier for her. Merry Christmas Rayna as you feel for Hayden I feel for you.