Thursday, October 16, 2008

reading so i can write

For weeks I have been concentrating on writing a novel. It is loosely based on things that either happen to me or things that happened to friends and that I was somehow a part of. In the words of Woody Allen it is "thinly" based on my life. I have to crack up a little when I think about Kristi Ally yelling at Woody Allen in Deconstructing Harry (one of my all time favorite films) because he devulges too much personal information in his stories and his ex-wife is pissed because all their friends know who each of the characters is and the terrible things that they did behind each others backs. I am trying not to make my characters so thin that anyone will recognize who they are in my characters but that is proving a lot harder then just generally changing their appearance. There personalities seem to shine right on through. Fortunately, I am not in touch with several of these people any longer so it may never be a problem. Okay I am not saying that my story is going to be so great that it gets published or ends up a best seller but one can hope and dream, can't one?

I hid out yesterday. It was a rainy day and I felt like I need to unplug or hang up so to speak so that is what I did. I turned off my cell and the television and I finished Pride and Prejudice. I was lost in the world of the Bennets, Bingleys, Darcys, Collins etc. It was fantastic. I am also still reading Confederacy of Dunces and now also On Writing by Stephen King. The only problems is I really am longing for another Jane Austen. I finished my series on famous Romans and I need to get another for my car. I like to have a book for every situation.

I have an HP IPAQ that I read from for late at night because it does not disturb Steve and it is backlite so I have no need of a book light. But I have one of those too for a traditional book. I usually like to have a book in the car for the times I am driving or in the car waiting on someone. The IPAQ is really cool because you can download books off the internet and a lot of the classics are free. That is how I read Swiss Family Robinson, Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations. It has a fairly good dictionary ( I would love a more advanced but that costs the big bucks). What is neat is that you touch the word you are reading and the dictionary opens right to the word, when you are finished touch the small done on the bottom of the screen and back to your story. It also dogears your place and opens right to it when you come back to it. It is light weight and very easy for me. I don't get a headache when I read from it and it has a ton of memory so it holds a lot. It is small about 6" by 3.5" and the screen is about 3x5. Really it is a tiny little PC because it has word, excel, internet explorer, outlook, email (but I don't use it on this because I get too much junk) and it does everything in a very compact little unit. I mainly use it for reading and playing games.

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