Monday, October 27, 2008

Chrysanthemum Festival

Yesterday was the second free day of the season at the Japanese Stroll Garden in the Nathaniel Greene park. The day was windy and a cool 40+ degrees but the sky was bright blue. Not at all like this photo taken on a different day.
I was invited to attend at the last garden club meeting. It was supposed to be the Chrysanthemum Festival. I believe that the original idea was to see a display of unusual mums grown for the occasion but it was my understanding that they did not grow too well this year. So in lieu of the original plan the organizers went to plan B and that did not fall short.
If you made a donation you got a free 10 inch potted mum to take home. In addition to the mums there were several artists with displays set up. There were potters with raku pots and base relief sculptures, a jewelry artist, a painter with paintings that were reminiscent of Georgia O'Keeffe, landscape artists ( and even a face painter for the kids.
By far my favorite artist and the one I talked to the longest was a Bonsai gardener. She had an interesting display on approximately 30 Bonsai trees in various sizes. The tree I thought was the most unusual and beautiful was the miniature pomegranate tree. It was adorned with flaming orange red blossoms that turn to tiny bulging ornamental pomegranates. They were about an inch in circumference. The display was gorgeous.

One thing that was great about the day was that I noticed something about the stroll garden I had not noticed before. It seems to have a year round appeal. Even though it was in its fall glory there were enough trees and plants that don't lose their leaves, berries or blossoms and stay beautiful year round. I could see how that type of landscaping would work very well in Southern Missouri. It gave me a lot of ideas about things that would be nice for my own backyard.
One of my chief complaints (aside from the cold and grey days) about living here is that I feel like I am living in the sticks during the winter. It seemed to me that this would be an ideal garden and type of landscaping because enough of it would stay pretty year round and would help lessen that feeling. This is certainly something to ponder as we intend to landscape our backyard someday.
All I can say now is I can't wait for the free day in the spring.

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