Saturday, September 13, 2008

not a word from me in 1/2 a month

I have had the most creative surge of my life, so why no word from me. Well to be honest I have been writing just not here. I started a new story with characters that are fascinating, dangerous and obstinate.

First fascinating because one element of their personality is me and the rest of their personality is someone else entirely. Dangerous because some of these characters are not the most honorable or morale people and I am not even sure I can attach to my name to them without blushing just a little. If they were real people I would run away from them. I certainly would not associate myself with them. Yet I have to write about them because without them the story just doesn't work. Obstinate because I wake up thinking about them, I dream about them, I see them in my mind's eye and they invade my day. I can not get away from them or their story. So why am I here blogging and not working on their story because of Jabba the Cat.

I was doing research on the Internet while also reading Anai's Nin and the Remaking of Self when I came across this picture. Being the Star Wars fan that I am, sans episode one which I felt was mostly a toy commercial, that is one of my truly favorite film series. Rich with characters and a little something something for everyone in terms of those characters. Jabba is a great character but not a great being in fact he can not be trusted and if you need him you better be prepared to pay big because when he comes to collect your too late.

Now the juxtaposition between the tabby and Jabba is easy if you really think about it. The tabby will play with a moth while it suites him and the moth is happy to flutter about when the tabby gets board he will eat the moth. Jabba will do the same figuratively and literally(if anyone who has seen the movie must remember the Hensen created pet that delights Jabba but once he is board down the hatch he goes). I have never met two tabby exactly a like yet they are a like it is those slight differences that makes them unique characters. Jabba on the other hand is only one character but you've all seen him in other movies. To name a few Jhatak aka godfather in The City of Joy or Merovingian in the Matrix: Reloaded (2nd film in the Matrix series). Both films that I also loved by the way. They are characters that hold people down while using the guise of being helpful. Kind of like welfare if you ask me.

But back to my point and I admit I do digress a bit. Writing characters is hard and inspiration comes in many forms. This Jabba the cat has character traits that one of my characters has only she was flat now with this inspiration she houses a little more of Jabba in her personality and my story will be richer because of that.

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