Saturday, August 9, 2008

small businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of this country. I think people should patronize any and all small businesses that do a good job. I say keep their doors open, support your small businesses. Many of my neighbors and even my own brother is a small business owners. They rely of their customers to make a living. I think it is important to reward the small business owner who does a good job. One thing for sure they sure work long hours and sacrifice a lot to keep those doors open, employees employed, and the lights on. That is why I want to tell you a couple of stories about two businesses that I think go above and beyond. I know what you are thinking one of those businesses belongs to your brother and that is nepotism. Well true but rest assured I wouldn't even bother with a plug for his business if I had not witnessed so many satisfied customers this myself.

Last week I went into my brother's office for a few hours to see everybody that works there and to volunteer and help out where I could. I notice a few things that I thought was very interesting and definitely worth writing about. One of my brother's repeat customers was so happy that he could help her with a refinance and her reaction was heartwarming to me. He had done a really good job for her the first time he helped her with a home loan and an even better job the second time around. So much so that she really had very little she needed to do to get her loan completed. This was a relief to her because she was facing some medical issues and dealing with her home loan was the last thing she wanted to do or worry about. He handled everything for her and you could see the relief on her face. It is that level of service that makes him so successful during this period of mortgage lender uncertainty. I was really proud of him and the best thing was this was not an isolated incident I have seen him do it before with many others. He works hard for his customers and they send him their friends and family and when they need him themselves they are back. That says a lot.

Another business that impresses me like that is the Treasure Chest. They have the most incredible and unusual jewelry and gifts. Their prices are great too. Whenever I need a gift like that they are the first place I think to go to. They are also a wealth of information about lapidary, gemstones and jewelry making. They have beautiful pieces for your home. They sell the work of artisan from all over the world. The people at the Treasure Chest are fantastic if you go in you will meet friendly Floyd, Vicious Val, Terrible Tracy and Mean Martha (names supplied by Floyd) but if you ask me it should be Venerable Val, Talented Tracy, Marvelous Martha and Facetious Floyd. There is something special about this business and I believe it is when you step in the door you feel like you belong there. They are so welcoming and quick to befriend. It doesn't matter if you spend $10 or $1,000 they make you feel like a VIP. That says a lot.

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