Thursday, August 21, 2008

raspberry chipolte covers a multitude of sins

I came home from work tonight my mother had prepared a pan of chicken. She cooked the chicken in olive oil and used no other seasoning. I asked her, "how many pieces did you cook?" She told me, "well about 8 or 9."

I had to laugh because 8 or 9 pieces of chicken is a lot of chicken hanging around for three people who only eat 4 ounces of chicken at a time. That is about half of a breast. Then to have it with no seasoning I thought oh my God what is that going to taste like? Then I found out that it was cooked well done, really well done. We both started to laugh because she told me I've been eating lean cuisines for the last 2o years and you can season it after it is cooked. She stated that she shouldn't cook and wondered if the dog might like some chicken for dinner too?

I told her I hated Steve's night schedule because he is such a good cook but he is not home to cook, I physically can not cook and she really shouldn't cook. I pulled out the raspberry chipotle sauce from the depths of the fridge heated a little in the micro and poured it over my rubber chicken and you know it wasn't half bad. In fact it was really very good. It even some how managed to help unrubberize the chicken. All in all it was a good dinner but it reminded me of the Sugar Hill gangs very first rap Rapper's delight. If you have never heard it and want to hear the part I am thinking about it is 4:45 minutes into the six minute song. You can hear their rap on youtube It is funny to watch because it is from the seventies. Check out the dancing, clothes and hairstyles. Too Funny for words!

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