Sunday, August 3, 2008


To see it here you might think it looks like a gold nugget and you would be half right. Often it gets mistaken for gold but it is not gold it is pyrite some refer to it as "fools gold." Its mineral composition is about 47% iron and 53% sulfide. Which explains the fact that when it is rough it looks like a chunk of iron with some gold thrown in. It got its name from the greeks "purites" and means "in fire" or pur = fire. It really has nothing to do with it looking like fire but because it was used in early weapons. When struck with a flint sparks would fly.

It's an opaque stone with a metalic luster and that makes it fun to work with for boy jewelry. There is something rugged and masculine about the stone and I have yet to have a boy tell me "that's too girly" for him. But don't think for a minute that only the boys want this stone, in some feminine beading designs it looks fantastic. It has a very "real" appearance and no one ever mistakes it for glass or thinks it is man-made. I believe that it looks great with other stones of opaque nature like chrysocolla, many of the jaspers, or turquoise. I also love to pair it with black or green onyx. I could list off another 20 or so stones it would look great with but that's not the focus. It is pyrite.

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