Wednesday, August 6, 2008

pet of the week finally awarded with own column

This girl, Annie we lovingly refer to as "fire starter" because she is on the spot when it comes to alerting us to anyone misbehaving within a 10 yard perimeter of our house or yard. She is first on the scene and she brings in the "Big Guns" Tobie when he deems she is right. First let us define misbehaving in dog it is a verb and it means at the very minimum to breathe or move within ear shot or sight of our property, the sidewalk or across the street. All of these behaviors UNACCEPTABLE! If she sees you and you are doing the minimum stated above well she is on it. If you go beyond like for instance you happen to be walking another canine, God help you. She can be heard in the next neighborhood and Tobie will join her choir.

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