Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MDA Lock up

Jack Langley is being locked up for Jerry's kids. He pointed out that since I am one of Jerry's kids I better let everyone know that he going to need some donations to get out of the clink.

Here is a little poem from Jack to everyone who reads this blog:

I've been busted, incarcerated, locked up

My crime is flawed family genes
I got spared cause I am the kid in between

You may think I got off Scot free
But not likely, I got a brother and sister doing time with MD

There is only one way I'm gonna get free
Gotta raise $500 big ones from my friends and family

So people if you have the time
and can spare the dime

Dig deep and give freely
and one day you can be sure
The MDA will find a cure

Donations can be made for my August 26th Lock up.
Please email and
note "donation for MDA lockup" in the subject line.
Additional instructions will be sent via email.
Thank you for your generosity.

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