Friday, August 1, 2008

i was shot

Yesterday I was shot. I had what we called a down day. So there is no post for yesterday because I never even made it out of bed. Today I feel a whole lot better. I drank a ton of water, some green machine and took some extra strength Tylenol. I am back in business today. When I feel that bad I play my PS2 Sims. It is just mindless enough to get through a tough patch. Yes I am one of the millions of 4o something women addicted to Sims. I try to limit my habit to down days but I am up and already thinking about retiring early tonight so that I can continue my game.

There are entire sites dedicated to women who game. It is a interactive yet passive past time. If you play it enough you pick up little tips to make the game progress quicker. Something I stopped doing is paying for food. I buy a tree that grows fruit and a fish tank. From both of those sources I have enough food that it doesn't cost to feed your sim. The other thing I did was I turned them into raw foodist. That's right I don't cook a thing so I don't need an oven or microwave. The other upside is that if you don't have a microwave or oven you won't have fire. My sims never die now and I don't have to pay the grim reaper to get their bodies back. Just make sure that when you pull the food out of the fridge it doesn't have green fumes coming off the food because you can poison your sim and they can die that way too. So my kitchen has a fridge and counter in it and that is it. I run the dishes out to the can because I don't want to waste time cleaning up a flood when the sink breaks. And the sink always breaks.

If you have never played sims and do not have hours of time to waste I don't suggest you start. I never thought that I would get hooked on something like that but when you have pain it is hard to concentrate on reading and I have seen just about every movie I want to. This is a nice diversion for me.

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