Tuesday, August 5, 2008

natural talent

I drove over to my brother's house yesterday to drop off my nephew Mitch. Since Steve's open-heart surgery last May Mitch has been helping us out by mowing our backyard. He is such a great guy. He has a good heart and natural talent too. He draws beautifully, he is very athletic, a great skater and plays the drums very well with energy and enthusiasm. He possesses a lot of intelligence physically, musically, and artistically. He is 15 years old and starting his sophomore year this fall. We talk about his future a lot and he desires to utilize his talents by going to art school. I told him that was a fantastic idea. Do what you love. I have always read and heard that if you do what you love for a living you will never be unhappy at your job, you will excel in your field no matter what that field is, and your living will be made.

For years my husband worked in the computer field managing networks and technicians. His education was geared for this type of work, it paid very well but at times it was thankless and did not feed his soul. After a few re-inventions and a little soul searching he found his niche and has a job he loves. His education and experience are still viable in his job. It is not the highest paying job but it is certainly the most rewarding job he has ever had. Best of all he is happy and we are doing well. He is great with people and excellent at training them. He has the heart of a teacher and now he is a technical trainer and teaches adults for a large company. Employment can't always be about the money, in fact, I think when you find your soul's purpose the contentment and peace coupled with the intrinsic value far out way any paycheck. Best of all when you excel in your field, at your true purpose, you will make a living and you will love the way that living is being made.

On another front my youngest brother "Sweet William" working in his garage waved me over to see his latest creation. There have been many. He loves to build furniture and he has filled his house with gorgeous custom pieces. I have to admit I am envious of my sister-in-law because the best of what he makes is in their home. He is a natural artisan woodworker. His patience and problems solving skills make his work stand out. He had just finished making a few custom picture frames out of maple and padauk. They are not your ordinary frames they are stunning. The detail is amazing. Somehow he managed to meld the two woods together. Padauk is an exotic African hardwood that has no need for stain because in its natural state it is exquisite and when married to the lighter tiger stripe maple the result is elegant. I don't pretend to know much about the wood types he chooses to use or how he does what he does but what I can tell you is that he loves it and it shows in his work. He has a natural born talent when it comes to designing and creating with wood.

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