Tuesday, August 5, 2008

happy birthday to the sweetest boy i know

Happy 47th and 1st birthday to the sweetest boy I know. This is an extremely important year for this guy. It is a year of renewed health and happy birthday wishes. After all he has been through this year and for as dear as he is to me, I thank God for all the blessings we have received this year.

Proof that this boy is sweet, a little story perhaps... In 1994, Steve and I were walking through a JC Penney in Fashion Valley Mall when he turned to me (weeks before my diagnosis with MD) and he asked me, "Would you marry me?" I said that I would but was he really sure that he wanted to take me and my health issues on? He told me that in his heart he was already married to me and that to him it was important to stick by me in sickness and in health. And boy has he done just that.

Need more proof, well when most men would buy an expensive sports car to ease the blow of turning forty, not this guy he bought his wife a ramp van and drives an older sable to and from work.

Okay sometimes he is not an angel exactly but to me he is. I love him dearly and I feel blessed that he is my husband.

Happy Birthday Steve, I love you! Have a great year you deserve it!

Okay I'm a little early his actual birthday is on the 7th but what the hay he deserves a little blog time!

(this is Steve his first week home after open-heart surgery the photo above was taken summer 2007)

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