Wednesday, July 30, 2008

learning to garden as we go

Deep inside the bush they seemed really red so naturally we picked them. Amateur tomato growers is what we are. We have enjoyed this years garden so much that we decided that this fall we are going to build a raised bed and get it ready for next Spring. Gardening is soooo relaxing when you are not getting stung by mosquito's and other flying biters.

This year's container crop included:

Bell Peppers

Banana Peppers









Next year we hope to expand our horizons a little and add some yellow squash, zucchini, jalapeno, and a variety of lettuce. We also plan to use a product called mosquito barrier to help combat some of the biting insects. I found mosquito barrier on the EPA's website as a link. It seems kind of expensive but it is organic and we like that idea a lot. It is made from super duper high concentrated garlic juice which to a mosquito is supposed to act like acid. You dilute with water and spray your trees, bushes and grass. It is supposed to work and at the very worst my yard will smell like a buca di beppo. We also want to do a little composting because our tomato's soil is the product of five years of dumping old soil and clippings in that very spot. When my good friend Valerie planted that tomato for us we notice big fat earth worms. The only other thing I want to do next year is give my peppers more space and a ring to lean on. The weight of the pepper makes the plant droop and it really needs some support. We sure have been enjoying our salads a lot more with all these fresh picked veggies.


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