Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The stone is in the feldspar family in fact its mineral composition is calcium sodium feldspar, which means little to most people. Often it gets overlooked because from a distance it can seem grey, cloudy and striated. Sadly if you don't inspect it closer you might miss that fact that it has enormous fire when the light hits it just right. The fire can be olive, turquoise, orange, cobalt and even at times appear like the sun. I have read that some rare stones display all these colors at the same time.
How this color display happens is when compatible high temperatures become incompatible at lower temps and lamellar (a thin, plate-like part, or layer) inter-growths form inside the crystal and there is some light ray refraction thrown into the mix. I am no chemistry major so this is my elementary understanding of how this happens. Nevertheless it is so beautiful and the jewelry is even more so. When worn it can go with just about everything because on one level it appears neutral and then out of nowhere it becomes spectacular.
I just made a necklace that I showed my lapidary experts and they tried to keep it. In fact, friendly Floyd as he likes to refer to himself (owner of the Treasure Chest and veteran stone smith for the past 50+ years) said, "when you make something that fine you have to leave it in my store." I said, "no way buddy that piece is mine."
Its chatoyance is outrageous and as soon as I can get it photographed I will post a picture. I have not worn it yet because I need more stones to make the earrings and bracelet and also because it is so special I am not sure I can just wear it. Oh nonsense I think I will wear it tomorrow.
Be on the lookout for this stone and if you are interested in a strand of your own the link I posted (great bulk pricing) has some lovely strands. Or if you live locally you must visit the Treasure Chest because that store is filled with experts and the most beautiful stones in Springfield. Perhaps you want a pendant they have lots of those too or if you are not local just search the site mentioned using "labradorite pendant" and a whole page in various shapes, sizes, and price points will come up.

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