Saturday, July 26, 2008

house lion

Bougie (candle in French) named because the tips of his ears are flame colored. He really should be pet of the week. Only he is not our pet we are his. He is 22 pounds and the senior most animal we have. He was born around August of 1999 and came to us is a most peculiar way. I always thought of him as an angle kitty because he arrived at a time when our only cat Fluffy was about to leave this world and move on to cat heaven.
He chose us and never will you ever meet a cat more sensitive to the feelings of others. He never tires of giving love. He is smart and can speak one word of English. He says, "Grandma" when he wants to be fed.
Our only obstacle in receiving his love is his size. He desires to curl up on you as close to your neck as possible and give you love. He is so heavy that if he lays on your chest he could cut off your air supply. Sometimes air is over rated or at least he thinks so. He is a gentle soul and never starts any altercations unlike his brother Buster. He loves the dogs even when they mistook him once for a squirrel and chased him around the house at full speed. Even with his size he moves like the wind when necessary. He comes when you call him. If you are new to our home you will never see him; however, if you are wearing dark colors you will leave with a little piece of him. If you are a frequent visitor he will welcome you and believe that your visit is to him. He is very vocal and when there is food involved even more so.

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