Sunday, July 27, 2008

coveted "pet of the week" lost to repeat offender

Missy here kept us up all night. She started out by going to sleep like everybody else then she wakes up. Like most of us that wake up we go back to sleep but not Annie. If she woofed once she woofed a hundred times. She was in the running for "pet of the week" this week but she ruined her chances. Even Tobie her room-mate was unhappy with her antics. The problem was she no longer wants to sleep with just Tobie. They have their own room to sleep in at night so that we could contain the dog hair to that room as much as possible. Sleeping with Tobie was not good enough! She feels she must sleep near a human. In the interest of undisturbed sleep for the household she will get her way and sleep on the floor in our room. This is not our first time dealing with this behavior; however, it better be the last time or she might meet up with the Sunday classified across her backside.

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