Monday, July 28, 2008


I have friends, family and loves from a previous life that have been caught in the web of addiction. Even somewhere in their subconscious it is a web they desire to avoid. But how do you know you will be snared by that web? When you are young and believe that you are invincible not everything you did was perfect. Maybe you drank to many margaritas, well you did not become addicted but what about the person who did? It is kind of like rolling the dice, don't you think? Sometimes it is fun, weird or better than your current consciousness and you can't leave it or you do not want to leave it because it feels so much better than your organic reality. There is nothing anyone can say to you at this point. You have to be one of the lucky ones to escape it and no one really escapes it unscathed. Even if it is not you living in hell someone you know is. They may not put a face or a name to it and they might even mistake it for heaven but it is hell. Do we write that one off because it snared them and we were lucky that it did not snare us? But it did snare us because we can't write them off and by extension to them we are also snared. So for those caught in the web of addiction please take a moment when you read this and try to imagine no matter how painful it may be that person and what they would be like without the addiction and maybe through the power of positive thought, prayer or whatever you want to call it they will find their true self and become untangled by its nasty, sticky web.

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